What Is Our Mission?
Our Mission
The mission of Hope Church is to know, worship and proclaim Jesus Christ as the hope of the world, lovingly bringing that message to our community.


Knowing Jesus Christ entails:
  • Connecting to His people intimately. This means being committed to His body which is manifest in local churches that faithfully proclaim the Word of God, properly, administer the sacraments and rightly administer church discipline. It means building, establishing and maintaining good relationships with God’s people in the context of the local church. It means serving together, worshipping together, holding each other accountable and encouraging each other to greater love and good deeds.
  • Bringing our thoughts and actions into conformity with His.
  • Being Content in any and every circumstance.
  • Knowing God as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, and what He has done as Creator, Redeemer, Sustainer and King.
  • An ever increasingly intimate knowledge of Who He is and who we are before Him.
Worshipping Jesus Christ entails:
  • An ever-growing thankfulness for the constant gifts graciously bestowed on us.
  • An ever-growing knowledge and understanding of His holiness.
  • An ever-growing realization of what He has done and is doing for us.
  • Proclaiming His worth and His majesty.
  • Lifting up the His Name in prayer, song, preaching, teaching, giving, serving, and in all of life.
  • Daily, in all we do and say, giving Him the glory due His Name as the Lord of the Universe.
Proclaiming Jesus Christ entails:
  • Instructing through preaching and teaching, etc. the Word of God to all ages on all occasions.
  • Sharing and living the gospel to all those around us.
  • Teaching and applying the grace of God in all of life.
  • Actively participating in the Great Commission both locally and throughout the world.
Jesus Christ as the hope of the world refers to the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Lovingly bringing the message to our community entails:
  • Accepting people we differ with.
  • Loving people without accepting or condoning sin.
  • Seeing all people as people who need the Good Shepherd, Jesus Christ.
  • Tangibly meeting the needs of those around us in the Name of Jesus Christ (the whole gospel for the whole person).