What Are Our Values?
Our Values
Our core values can be represented as seen below with the easily remembered acronym of GROWERS.

Grace Based/Gospel Centered (Sola Gratia - Grace Alone*)
  • We are committed to the Bible and its message of grace, centered in the finished work of Jesus Christ in his death and resurrection, as the core of all we do personally and institutionally (in our teaching, lifestyles and relationships) – From the least to the most mature. 
Reformed Theologically (Sola Scriptura - Scripture Alone*)
  • Emphasis on the sovereignty of God in all of life
  • Forward looking (Trust in God’s sovereign purpose and plan)
  • Continuity of Scripture (OT/NT)
  • Education for all ages (being Bereans)
  • Application of theology to life
  • Officer Training in Theology, Vision and Polity
Outreach Oriented (Solus Christus - Christ Alone*)
  • Mercy Ministry – The whole gospel for the whole person (meeting physical, as well as spiritual, needs, compassion for and willingness to work with broken people)
  • Missions Minded
  • Evangelism as a lifestyle
  • Visitor Friendly
  • Outreach to unchurched – service to parents, ministry to our community, burden/love for the lost
  • Church planting
Worship (Solideo Gloria - To God, alone, be the glory*)
  • God exalting
  • Theologically Sound
  • Corporate and Private
  • Emphasis on the preached word
  • Balanced (with Praise, confession, petition and teaching)
Encouraging Relationships (Maintaining Solid Community)
  • Deepening relationships
  • Love for the Church
  • Connectionalism (with Presbytery and PCA)
  • Unity of mind and purpose Peace and Harmony
  • All ages feel connection with Hope Church
  • Every-member ministry
  • Commitment to family ministry
  • Commitment to the sanctity of marriage
  • Sense of partnership in ministry
Supernatural/Spirit Led (Sola Fide - Faith Alone*)
  • Prayer (corporate and private)
  • Sacraments
  • Humility
  • Freedom to attempt things (without fear of failing) 
* As per the Cambridge Declaration