Bob Sedorovitz

Bob SederovitzBob Sedorovitz was born and raised in Scranton, PA.  He has been involved with Hope Church since its inception 25 years ago and is a deacon in the church leadership.  

Hope Church has been instrumental in the growing of his faith and development of his spiritual maturation in the LORD Jesus Christ.  He believes that the only way to share the good news of the gospel to other people is through the Lord's gift of love.  We love because He first loved us... 1 John 4:19

Scott Lindemuth

Scott LindemuthScott Lindemuth is an ordained deacon at Hope Church and has served faithfully for many years. He attends Hope with his wife, Kelly, and their two children, Jasmine and Asia.

Matt Zale

Bob Sederovitz

Matt Zale is originally from Scranton and is active in business and community groups.  A dentist near Scranton, trained in Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Louisville, and then taught at the universities of Missouri, and in Trinidad; he has learned the lesson of "tooth for a tooth". Matt also teaches the U.S. Constitution and the foundational history of America at public libraries.


His mission at Hope Church is to assist our elders as they succor seekers to “know, worship and proclaim” the truth of Jesus as Lord and savior. Along with other Deacons, Matt facilitates the need of those seeking Hope churches help, because the Giver of Life provides for us all.

The journey to faith in Christ is fraught with struggles. Let us help you to know the powerful Word in Jesus Christ. 


"from Scranton to eternity"