Hope Church supports the following missionaries and mission organizations on a regular basis:  Each month we highlight two missionaries for special prayer. The missionaries we are currently highlighting is listed below.
Debbie Anderson (Peru) - Network of International Christian Schools
The number of international students living in major cities of the world is growing at an amazing rate. Because of modernization and increased development, many of these expatriates are living abroad with their families. These influential individuals tend to seek English-speaking schools for their children. Many are filled to capacity and have long waiting lists because of the high demand. Network of International Christian Schools (NICS) started in the Republic of Korea with the establishment of International Christian Schools. As Christians, NICS staff have the privilege of serving in some countries where they can "live out" their faith rather than as well as openly proclaiming it.

Debbie currently teaches the 4th grade class at a NICS in Lima, Peru. After a challenging year, both professionally and personally, she is ending the school year and making plans for next year. She and the teachers are developing a new school-wide literacy program to better educate the diverse population of students. This means reviewing new books and meetings, as well as developing standards and benchmarks for the program.

Prayer requests:
  • Send books: Debbie is seeking to build a 3rd grade library and is asking for any appropriate 3rd grade books that anyone can provide. By receiving these books, she will not only build a library but let her students know there is a church that loves them and is praying for them.
  • Donations for a new laminating machine. The school has $600 with a matching $600 donation and needs $900. Ask anyone from the Mission Committee for details on how to donate.
  • Traveling mercy and safety as Debbie returns home June 23rd-July 16th.